Skills and Leadership Training

The situation of education in informal settlements is precarious and demands action. Many of the vulnerable communities that work with TECHO have no access to formal education. This situation is aggravated due to the high dropout rates evidenced among youth in informal settlements. According to a study realized by CASEN in 2009, the net rate of education in slums are worrying: about 14% of the inhabitants have no formal education, whereas 40% have not completed a formal basic education and only 0.5% had access to the technical or vocational education. 

Program goals:

  1. To generate employment opportunities in the formal sector for people in extreme poor communities that are currently unemployed or working in informal jobs.

  1. Promote competitive entrepreneurial activities.


  1. Develop knowledge and skills to apply for job positions in the formal sector.
  2. Acquire soft skills in order to improve interpersonal relationships in a work related environment.
  3. Increase their self-esteem, thus contributing to their comprehensive development.
  4. Integrate into the labor market, thereby improving their quality of life.
  5. Interact with other neighbors and develop bonds of trust, cohabitation and support.
  6. Achieve economic stability by developing specialized skills and entering a formal market labor.