Housing is the most urgent need in Latin America

Latin America and The Caribbean has one of the highest urbanization rates in the world. Between 2000 and 2030, the urban population of Latin America and the Caribbean will increase from 394 million to 609 million.


Our emergency housing program aims to reduce housing vulnerability through working together among volunteers and families in the slums. It also aims to promote community strengthening through the construction of emergency housing, understanding housing as a fundamental human right and as an improvement in the quality of life.


Our emergency housing program is focused on solving a  primary necessity: protection and security against the environment. This basic need is the most urgent and one that we have identified as an organization as a priority.

Home is where your story begins

Through housing we recognize the dignity and capacities of each person, being a motivational impulse for families to continue improving their quality of their life.

Social Impact

The impact of TECHO’s Transitional Housing program has been validated by J-PAL in its investigation “Improvement of the infrastructure housing in the settlements of Latin America” and the Pontifical Catholic University Of Argentina in its investigation “Impact evaluation of TECHO-Argentina’s Transitional Housing Program” (in Spanish)