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Help us ensure that we can continue our day-to-day work with the most vulnerable as we aim to reach our goal of building one emergency house in each country.
25 years
More than 657 thousand lives changed and more than 1 million volunteers mobilized. It all started with a dream and a mission towards a just society without poverty. This is the trajectory of TECHO. Let's celebrate together!
The girl with a dancing heart
“Mama we have a floor! We have a floor!” From the moment a volunteer described the joy of seeing a 6-year-old girl dance in her new TECHO house for the first time, our short story began to fall into place. TECHO joined forces with Unsaid Studio to bring to life the story of Panchita, a 6-year-old girl that lives in an informal settlement.
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TECHO (teh-choh) is a youth-led non-profit organization that works in informal settlements to create a just society without poverty. Today over 200 million people live in poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean. No proper home, no potable water, sewage, or electricity access. Our mission is to change that reality, working to create system-changing solutions to end poverty and shape a future we all want to live in.

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Our Purpose

To overcome the situation of poverty in which millions of people live in informal settlements of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

How we do it

We work together to assess the community’s needs, develop an action plan, and provide them with the tools to improve their quality of life and transform their communities. We do this with the support of our donors, volunteers, and families, all working together for a common goal. 

Get to know our projects below. 

Housing Solutions

Access to decent housing is a universal right and a place to meet our basic needs. One of our main goals is to bring families closer to decent housing. We seek to respond to the housing deficit caused by poverty or and natural disasters that affect thousands of people. 


The emergency houses are made out of prefabricated wood panels, which allows for their efficient construction. They are built by the families who receive the house alongside volunteers.


emergency houses built


people with decent housing

Other Housing Projects

Permanent Housing

Permanent housing provides families with a better quality housing.

This house has improved thermal, visual, and space conditions. Its structure guarantees resistance to strong winds, earthquakes, and other external factors. The house materials can be made from wood, concrete, steel, or a combination of these.

Progressive Housing

Progressive houses are innovative, adaptable and accessible to families in informal settlements.

Progressive housing offers an evolutionary response, giving families the possibility of expanding and improving it, integrating different services, based on their needs.

Progressive housing offers an evolutionary response, giving families the possibility of expanding and improving it, integrating different services, according to their needs.

Water & Sanitation Solutions

The lack of running water and sanitation is a common problem in Latin America. For this reason, we generate efficient, sustainable, and easy-to-install basic service solutions.

  • Water systems: rainwater harvesting and water towers
  • Sanitation solutions: bathrooms, water filters, and installation of sinks

+ 2,861

water and sanitation solutions

+ 12,540

people with access to water

Community Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure projects seek to improve community life, promoting community meetings and recreational activities. 

  • Infrastructure for mobility: stairs, tracks, paths
  • Infrastructure for recreation and meeting spaces: squares, dining rooms, community halls


community infrastructure solutions

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Being a TECHO BFF monthly donor means you are committed to being a part of the solution and support the work we do every day. You’ll get updates on the projects we are working on around Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Want to travel with a purpose? TECHO Troopers is a community of hands-on families building houses and human connections. It means being there with the people you are helping, working side-by-side, and living a mind-blowing human experience.

The Empathy Pact unites brands, institutions, and organizations to bring change by providing donations or joining building trips that serve as an unforgettable bonding experience for employees.

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