About The Artists

Kevin Johansen

Latin Grammy nominee, singer-songwriter Kevin Johansen will inaugurate the first edition of TECHO MUSIC Sessions. Since the beginning of his career, Kevin Johansen’s mission has been to celebrate diversity and Latin American culture through his music: “In a way, my music is that dream of no borders. Music doesn’t ask for a visa or a passport to travel. It never did to travel from one culture to another, and I really think it’s our artistic responsibility to offer bridges and celebrate differences and diversity.” After closing out 2018 with an international tour and a packed performance at Buenos Aires’ Luna Park arena, Kevin kicks off a new album cycle this April, and he will launch a concert tour that will take him to Argentina, Chile, Perú, México, Colombia, USA, Spain and other European countries.

Javier Garcia

Born in Spain to a Cuban father and Irish mother, Javier Garcia is a musical mutt. Different styles color his soulful sound combining it into a unique hybrid.
He’s the picture of a complete artist: composer, arranger, producer, multi-instrumentalist and gifted singer. It is these talents he brings to his music (with tastes of Funk, reggae, world, funk, and Cuban rhythms) that mesh together into his own new pop sound paired with his positive lyrics.
Javier has achieved gold record sales in three countries, has toured Europe, North and South America. He co-produced his last album with Academy award winner Gustavo Santaolalla. He has sung with Nelly Furtado, Ceelo Green, written songs for Ricky Martin, Paulina Rubio and many more.

Sol + The Tribu

Sol Ruiz is an international artist based in Miami. She is Cuban-American, raised in Miami, and has lived in New Orleans, Madrid, and Italy.
The project Sol Ruiz Tribu (tribu meaning tribe) features talented musicians that she collaborates with in various cities.
Funky, sexy, tropical and fun, The Tribu is a cover project started by Sol Ruiz Tribu that blends hits from different eras, sung in English and Spanish by weaving them together with funky grooves and harmonies, creating a spontaneous and energetic atmosphere.
The Tribu performs American classics, top 40 hits, and tropical sing alongs, inspiring the audience to participate, dance, and have a good time!