TECHO and our co-founding members at LITUS MUSIC launched our first ever TECHO MUSIC SESSIONS, on May 22nd. It was a memorable night full of amazing energy and human connections.

We are extremely grateful to our co-founders, sponsors, and community members.

We want to offer this enriching opportunity through music to an audience that wants to enjoy a unique cultural, entertaining experience while supporting and making a change in the lives of hundreds of families.

With your help, we’re making an impact.


Volunteers Mobilized


Houses Built


Active Communities

We are grateful for the contributions and ongoing support of our loyal donors. It’s through your generosity that we are able to continue building the important work we do every day across Latin America, helping families living in extreme poverty. For these families, a house is access to more than just a living structure — it can be the gateway to health, education, and freedom. A house can be the first, critical step in breaking the cycle of poverty. It all starts with a first step.


LITUS MUSIC is a boutique music entertainment company based in Miami, Florida, specializing in customized music experiences. LITUS MUSIC cultivates a hand-picked roster of artists and works with them to develop and curate their performances, providing clients with the next level in high-end entertainment and music.


To honor Hector Rolotti, long-time supporter of TECHO US, who died in an act of heroism in 2014. He was always passionate about helping humanitarian causes, and helped TECHO US become what it is today.